Farhan-starrer ‘The Fakir of Venice’ gets a release date

Mumbai: “The Fakir of Venice”, starring Farhan Akhtar and Annu Kapoor, will finally see the light of day. It will hit the screens on January 18, 2019 — a decade after it was made.

Asked about the delay, the film’s director Anand Surapur told IANS: “It was purely attributed to production issues. Last two years, we working and sorting out internal issues and let A.R Rahman Sir create good music for the film.”

He is positive about the audience connecting to the movie and its characters.

“It’s a story based on human behaviour. A story of the past, the present and the future. The film revolves around the two faces of every human which primarily comes out due to situations, needs, goals and wants.

“Every viewer will relate to the characters of the film and go back with a sense of self-reflection and a feeling of trying to be a better human being. It’s a con performed by two Indian men who travel to Venice for conning the western art world for making quick bucks. We are targeting (to release it on) about 300-400 screens,” he shared.

There are plans to release it in several international markets as well.

The film’s producer Punit Desai said: “We have good interest and traction from various broadcast platforms like digital, satellite etc. It has turned out to be a practical and fruitful business venture for us.”