Farhan Akhtar to host a show on National Geographic



Acclaimed film actor, singer, writer and director Farhan Akhtar is going to host a show on National Geographic which will show the ecological damage humans are doing to the earth.


Recently Farhan went live on the National Geographic Facebook page to announce his partnership with the iconic brand.


Since 1888, National Geographic has been a pioneer in highlighting topics that are important for the world to know about, understand and be aware of. Whether it is climate change, or the need for renewable energy, or the global water crisis, the brand has been constantly working towards not only spreading awareness about significant issues, but also pushing the need for change.


Farhan says in the video for the channel that, “When I was a kid I used to collect National Geographic magazine as it was one of my fav magazines. We have teamed up for something very important for all of us. What we are going to talk about is an issue and we are really looking forward to this collaboration as we hope it reaches out to as many people as possible.”


The rock star said recently that. “I am a big animal lover and always had pets, be it dogs or cats. Where my mom stays we got six dogs and three cats. Environmental awareness is very important and one of the biggest issues today is how to deal with our environment and slow things down so we are coming together in our capacity to do what we can and what this campaign is about.”