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Farhan Akhtar to endorse vitamins, dietary supplements brand

Farhan Akhtar to endorse vitamins, dietary supplements brand

New Delhi: Amway India, a direct selling fast-moving consumer goods company, has signed actor-filmmaker Farhan Akhtar as the ambassador to promote Nutrilite – a brand of vitamins and dietary supplements.

“We needed a strong and credible face who could help people understand the role of supplementation in addition to balanced diet and exercise as part of leading a healthy lifestyle. Farhan Akhtar was an obvious choice,” Amway India CEO Anshu Budhraja said in a statement.

Talking about Farhan as the brand ambassador for Nutrilite, Amway India Chief Marketing Officer Sundip Shah said: “Besides being talented and versatile, Farhan is physically fit with a stature and youth appeal that resonates well with Nutrilite’s world class image offering the best of nature and the best of science for optimal health.”

Farhan strongly believes that “it is important to take care of one’s daily nutritional needs for a healthy and long life. People should understand the virtues of being fit, healthy and eating right”.