‘Fantastic’: Muslim man crooning iconic Mahabharata title song wins hearts [Viral Video]

Mumbai: It is known to all that the two popular shows Ramayana and Mahabharata were part of every Indian persons’ life in 80’s and 90’s. These shows brought the people together irrespective of their religion. A latest beautiful viral clip of Muslim man singing the Mahabharata title song is taking everyone a trip down memory lane.

The video which is surfacing online was first shared by Dr S Y Quraishi, the former chief election commissioner of India on his Twitter handle. In the clip, n elderly man is seen singing the song originally sung by Mahendra Kapoor for BR Chopra epic mythological show. “Beating the stereotypes!” Qureshi captioned the video.

While singing he even paused for moments where he made the sound of the blowing of the conch. He then continued singing, “Yadha Yadha Hi Dharamasya….”. After he sang the theme song people in the video were heard applauding him for his singing.

The video has garned several likes and reactions. See how the impressd social media users are reacting to the clip.

One user commented, “Irrespective of his religion or dress. His voice & pronounciation is just amazing..”. Another individual commented, “Fantastic rendition! Reminds me of those nostalgic @DDIndialive days when we used to wait for this weekly dose of entertainment thru Ramayana and Mahabharata!”. Another user wrote, “Unity in Diversity. Amazing to see the elderly person who is much involved in the song and the katha”.

Mahabharat was aired between 1988 and 1990 and was re-run in 2020. The show, which was one of the most-celebrated mythological dramas of Indian television, was produced by B R Chopra and directed by his son, Ravi Chopra.