Fans troll twitter after Airlines asks Sachin’s full name

Angry Sachin Tendulkar fans took to twitter today when British Airways asked the cricket icon’s full name after his family members were denied seats and their baggage was wrongly tagged by the arilines to another destination.

The drama unfolded when Tendulkar, who is in the US to play in the All-Stars Cricket League, tweeted about his family’s travel woes on the British Airways flight.

“Angry Disappointed and Frustrated.. #BAdserviceBA Family member’s Waitlisted ticket not confirmed despite seats being available.

“And luggage being tagged by @British_Airways to wrong destination and don’t care attitude!,” Tendulkar wrote on his twitter handle.

Shortly after Tendulkar’s tweet, the British Airways replied, “@sachin_rt We’re sorry to hear this Sachin, could you please DM us your baggage ref, full name and address so we can look into this for you?.”

After this tweet all hell broke loose on social media as Tendulkar fans were in no mood to forgive the airlines for their lapse of not only delivering the luggage but also not knowing the legend’s name.

Even former Jammu and Kashmir Chief Minister Omar Abdullah took to twitter as a Sachin fan.

“Dear @British_Airways try Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar, India. I’m sure this is enough for the postal service/courier company here,” Omar wrote on his twitter handle.