Fan fiction is unnerving: Zayn Malik

LOS ANGELES: Singer Zayn Malik found reading One Direction fan fiction to be “unnerving”, but says he enjoys fan art.

The 23-year-old singer left the boy band in March 2015, and has said that while he has read some fan fiction — in which the followers of the group write stories about the members, often in sexual situations — it wasn’t something that appealed to him, reports

The singer has a huge fan-following across the world, and is currently dating supermodel Gigi Hadid. The pair have been together for quite a long time and often declare their love for each other via their social media accounts. The couple started dating after Zayn broke up with his fiance, Little Mix singer Perrie Edwards.

In his upcoming autobiography “Zayn”, Malik has said: “When I was still in One Direction, fans would write stories based on me and the other lads and publish them online. I’m not gonna lie, it’s pretty unnerving reading things about yourself as a character from somebody else’s imagination.

“It’s crazy to think that we inspired so many different stories and the opportunity for so much creativity from so many people all over the world.”