Family staying at lodge near Charminar claims to be attacked by ghost

Hyderabad: Family of Syed Mushtaq who came from Mumbai and was staying in a lodge near Charminar was reportedly attacked by a ghost. They were staying at Cozy Lodge. Syed Mushtaq, 60, and his son Habib complained to the police that a headless man entered their room on Saturday and beat them up.

CCTV footage has no traces of any attack. Nothing was found in the lodged as well after conducting the search. However the father and the son claimed that the ghost had beaten them with a stick and tried to bang their heads against the wall when they tried to hit back. But the police found no marks on their bodies.

According to sources, 8 members of a family were staying in three adjacent rooms at the lodge. At around 1.20 am on Saturday, Mushtaq and Habeeb ran out of their room screaming. The other family members sleeping in adjacent rooms awoke and rushed to them. The son and father told them that they had been attacked by a supernatural entity, said the police.

According to inspector G. Shyamsunder of the Hussaini Alam police, they sent three officers to search the place, but nothing was found after conducting search. And CCTV footage also showed that no one had entered the room and a search verified that no one could enter through the window.

Shocked by the incident, the family is said to have moved to another lodge.