Family disputes cannot be settled through law: women intellectuals

Saharanpur: Muslim women intellectuals claimed that domestic disputes cannot be settled through law. They said, the government is not a well-wisher of Muslim women but it is a political gimmick.

Rehana of Astitva organisation says when the ordinance will take the form of law it could be misused. As per the law, the husband will directly go to jail. If the husband goes to jail, the chances of reconciliation would be nil.

Dr Qudsia Anjum Alig president social organisation Parcham said if the law could stop the crime after Nirbhaya case rape incidents should have stopped. She feels that marriage is a civil matter which has been criminalized through the ordinance and the door of jail has been thrown open. If the husband goes to jail how a home can be rebuilt and who will take care of the children after the husband goes to jail. If Modi government is sympathetic towards women it should have passed an ordinance for 33 pc reservation to general women paving way for their entry into state assemblies and parliament.

Director Brownwood public school Syeda Safiya Sabuhi Iftekhar says prime minister who is presenting himself as the sympathizer of Muslim women should also have thought about the women whose husbands have abandoned them without giving talaq. They are neither taken care of by their husbands nor can they marry any other man.

Former minister of state Shagufta Khan feels the ordinance is an open intervention is Shariah. She says law is not the solution instead social and religious awareness should be created. She says the game is being played eying for 2019 elections; hence Muslim women should be alert and should not fall prey to it.