Hyderabad: Family announces vacation on FB, burglar likes post then robs the house

Hyderabad: The excitement of going on a vacation brought trouble for this family, who announced on Facebook about their Malaysia visit. A man from Hyderabad posted his travel plans on the social media site and found the house robbed on his return. Interestingly, the one who burgled the house even liked this post, police said.

According to a report by Telangana Today, the burglar fled with 540 gm of gold jewellery, police said. However, the offender landed behind the bars after a jeweller became suspicious over him, whom the offender approached to sell the jewellery. The jeweller then alerted the police as he did not get any satisfactory answer form the offender about from where he had procured the ornaments.

The police reached the scene and detained the person. When interrogated, he admitted that he had stolen the ornaments from a house when he got to know about the family’s vacation in Malaysia.

The police said the arrested person was not a notorious or a regular offender and it was the family’s personal information that made this burglary possible. “It’s not advisable on the part of Internet users to post their personal information in public domains,” said CID Cybercrimes Superintendent of Police U Rammohan.

Explaining further the dangers of personal information sharing, Rammohan said, one should not disclose their location and personal details on social media at any cost. Adding that Facebook can also be used to know the real-time location of individuals, that can be further used for crimes as kidnapping.