Families of Hyderabadi youth cry for help

Families of Hyderabadi youth cry for help

Hyderabad: Families of five Hyderabadi youth stranded in Malaysia, and one woman stuck in Oman after being allegedly trafficked by agents, have sought help from External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj for their return.

According to the family members, these youth were taken to Malaysia and Oman on the promise of good jobs after taking Rs 1 lakh each by the local agents but they are now stranded without salaries. Some are even facing violence, claimed their families.

The families claimed they have already taken up the matter with concerned officers and lodged complaints with the government.

“My brother Md Taher was searching for a job when he was approached by an agent. He offered my brother a good job with a salary of Rs 45,000 per month in Malaysia and took one lakh from him. The agent sent Taher to Malaysia on 30 October 2017, on tourist visa on the promise that the visa will be extended after going to Malaysia. However, till now the visa has not been extended. The agent’s counterpart in Malaysia, who received my brother, has kept him in a resort where his employers are neither paying him the money nor giving him adequate food. I request EAM Sushma Swaraj to rescue my brother,” Md Munawar, elder brother of victim Md Taher, told ANI.

Md Shoeb Ahmed, nephew of the victim Azhar Mohinuddin, had a similar story to tell. His uncle was allegedly approached by an agent who offered a job in Malaysia and took one lakh from him. Azhar too was sent to Malaysia in October 2017 and kept in a resort as Taher’s where he was not paid salary. “So he moved away from that place and is now stranded in Malaysia. He is trying to return back to India,” Ahmed said.

Shehnaz Sultana, sister of victim Md Hayath, claimed her brother was allegedly approached by an agent and offered a good job in Malaysia in October 2017. “After going there he is facing lots of problems. My brother’s visa has also expired,” Sultana said.

Md Nadeem, younger brother of Md Nayeem said his brother was approached by allegedly an agent who offered a job in Malaysia and took one lakh as processing fees etc. Later he sent Nayeem to Malaysia in December 2017 on a tourist visa. “After going there my brother was given no employment. He was just roaming there in Malaysia without job and salary when the local police caught him,” Nadeem said.

Shaik Mazher, elder brother of victim Shaik Nadeem, claimed his brother was offered a tailoring job in Malaysia after taking one lakh from him. Mazher claimed that his brother, who is Malaysia since July 4, 2018, has not been paid salary by his employers and is being tortured. “They also beat him up few times. He is stranded there,” Mazher said.

Meanwhile, a Hyderabadi women stuck in Oman after allegedly being trafficked by an agent, too has sought Swaraj’s help. Zubaida Begum, sister of victim Reshma Begum said, her sister was allegedly approached by an agent and offered a job in Oman in November 2017. “After going there she was employed as a house maid which was not said by the agent before sending my sister to Oman. Her employer’s are making her work 20 hours a day. The agent in India had promised Rs 40,000 salary per month but after going there my sister’s employer is paying just Rs 10,000 per month. Her health condition too has become worse and her employers are not providing medicines,” Zubaida said.