Families of APS terror attack victims welcome Pak SC verdict on military courts

Karachi, Aug. 6 : The families of the martyred students of Peshawar’s Army Public School (APS) on Thursday welcomed the Supreme Court verdict that dismissed the constitutional petition against the setting up of military courts, saying that the historic decision is the outcome of the sacrifices made by their innocent children who lost their lives in the terror attack last year.

They added that their children would not have been killed if the government had taken timely action against the terrorists.

According to the Dawn, the bereaved families have demanded that the government and the Pakistan Army should share with them the details of the crimes committed by those being tried in the military courts and the nature of punishment awarded to them.

Ajoon Khan, general secretary of Ghazi Shuhada Forum, an association of the parents of the victims of APS, said that the only thing they wanted was the introduction of a system for speedy punishment to the killers, adding that unfortunately in Pakistan, vital decisions have often been taken after huge losses have occurred.

Khan added that the trial of the terrorists in the military courts should not be kept secret, particularly with the parents, for maintenance of transparency. (ANI)