Fake propaganda of Hindutva politics exposed, inflammatory quotes being circulated on social media

It looks that the Hindutva politics of spreading fake news and fake propaganda has no bounds.

According to the news reported in Altnews.in, the facts related to hindutva’s fake propaganda came out when the three celebrities- Prakash Raj, Swara Bhaskar and Farhan Akhtar clarified that the inflammatory messages going viral that they were posted by them were actually not their words.

The Hindutva brigade has been circulating fake quotes, messages in the name of authors, actors, politicians and even common people.

For instance, a social media post has been viral on E. Abubaker associated with PFI from Kerala.

To spread communal fangs, the Hindutva politics has crossed all the limits. They do not realize the repercussions that can be caused by their fake propaganda.

One such message was in the name of Abdullah Zubair. The message was to create misunderstanding between Hindus and Muslims and polarise the society.

Another fake quote in the name of Faiz Saiyyad, aLawyer is also being circulated. These quotes were actually created by the Hindutva fringe elements to malign Muslims and create hatred in the minds of Hindus.

Another series of tweets by the fake propaganda machine of Hindutva brigade point to the fact that they want to disturb the communal harmony among the religious communities in India and retain their power at the cost of unity of India.