#Fake News: Actress Shabana Azmi never said anti-Indian statement

#Fake News: Actress Shabana Azmi never said anti-Indian statement
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Fake News, malicious rumors that are widely spread over social media are nowadays having lethal endings with many innocents losing their lives because of these fake rumors.

When these extremists trollers did not spare the senior BJP leader & External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj from trolling, passing nasty bold comments on Twitter, how will they leave Muslim actors or actress?

Similarly, a tweet alleging Shabana Azmi of spreading communal hatred that went viral since 2017 according to research by Alt News has shocking revelations.

The message goes something likes this: “भारत अच्छा और महान देश नहीं है क्यूंकि यहाँ मुसलमानखुश नहीं है – शबाना आज़मी शबाना आज़मी तुम और तुम्हारे समर्थक सीरिया और पाकिस्तान चले जाओ ताकि तुम जेसे को असली ख़ुशी मिल जाये सहमत है तो शेयर करके इन लोगो को जवाब दे – संतोष भारतीय”

Translation: India is not a good and great country, because the Muslims are not happy here – Shabana Azmi Shabana Azmi, you and your supporters go to Syria and Pakistan so that you agree to get the real happiness as well, then by sharing, answer these people – Santosh Bhartiya

The image with the above hatred statement attributed to Actress Shabana Azmi was shared on Facebook’s Youth India(@fansofyouthbjp) page by more than 11300 times and was ‘liked’ for more than 16000 times.

Shockingly this page has more than 25 lakh followers- a quite large amount to have been manipulated with the ill-will to sow the seeds of hatred among the two communities. This viral statement is in circulation since 2017, now for more than a year, and was written by some random person Santosh Bhartiya.

Gone are the days where journalism or the news sources were to be blamed for spreading communal hatred or fake news. Now the big thing in are ‘social apps’- which on one hand has brought people closer than they can ever be, but has also created dangerous platforms which are now widely used solely for this purpose.

Reacting to the fake statement attributed to her, Actress Shabana Azmi responded with “THIS IS PURE LIES being circulated in my name . Santosh Bhartiya agar aapki sahi identity hai tto prove kariye ye maine kahah kaha hai. Jhoot ki buniyaad par apni dukaan chalaane wale sharm karo !!!”.

Bollywood celebrities are no longer safe and are often falsely accused to promote their personal political agenda on social media.