Fake doctors mushrooming in Jamia Nagar

New Delhi: Number of fake doctors is on the rise in Jamia Nagar Delhi who are not only administering injections and medicines but also carrying out CT scan and MRI. The number of such doctors has increased during the past one year in Shaheen Bagh, Abul Fazal Enclave, Pahelwan Chowk, Jogabai extension etc.

The likes of ‘Munna Bhai’ do not have degree but are running clinics. Recently many shops have come up with the name Bengali doctor. Health Minister, Delhi Medical Council, Delhi Medical Association, have expressed concern over the mushrooming of fake doctors and said action will be taken against such doctors soon.

It must be recalled that a fake doctor was arrested from Narayana area the day before while the other 5 ‘Munna Bhai’s’ fled before the police could reach there. The accused Dr S M Khan was caught by the police from Narayana. The doctor neither had a medical degree nor any certificate. S M Khan told the police that his degree has been withheld for some reason on which police gave him time till Monday to prove that.