Fake CBI men steal gold, diamond jewellery worth Rs 20 lac in Delhi

Delhi: For the first time a jeweller has been robbed by thieves who posed themselves as CBI officials. Five masked men and another sixth one in Khaki outfit rang the bell of the jeweller Nawal Kishore Khandelwal’s house in central Delhi’s Karol Bagh.

The police said the incident, which took place on Wednesday, was the first time robbers had posed as police officers to carry out an armed robbery in a home in the middle of the day.

The jeweller and his two sons had left for their shop in Chandni Chowk, while the women were busy in the household work in the afternoon hours. The robbers rang the bell and entered the house.

“My wife opened the door and the man identified himself as a CBI official. Five more men who were with him told her that they had come to raid the house. Before my wife could understand anything, the men pushed her inside,” said Khandelwal, as per a report by HT.

They pointed a gun to Khandelwal’s four-year-old grandson Divyansh at 1.30 pm, after ransacking the house for 10 minutes. The robbers took away gold and diamond jewellery worth around Rs 20 lakh.

The suspects have not yet been identified. However, a case of robbery and theft has been registered, Mandeep Singh Randhawa, the deputy commissioner of police (central) said.

“One of them put a pistol to Divyansh’s head and threatened to kill him if anybody screamed for help or raised an alarm,” said the 61-year-old jeweller.

Besides Khandelwal’s wife Urmila and the child, the robbers held his daughter-in-law Megha hostage. One of the men took the keys to a locker from Megha and opened the locker. Khandelwal’s other daughter-in-law’s raising an alarm and screams made the robbers flee, the 61-year-old jeweller said. Adding that they did not touch the cash and other jewellery in the house.

Due to the incident, Khandelwal’s wife, Urmila (58) got a fracture in the left shoulder, while Megha left with a broken foot.

Three teams have been formed to investigate the case. They are collecting details about criminals who operate using similar methods. The data of mobile phones active in the area during the crime are also being analysed for clues.