Fair Trade Regulator Dismisses Complaint Against Nissan Motor

New Delhi: The Competition Commission of India (CCI) has rejected allegations that Nissan Motor abused its dominant position in terms of after-sales service.

A car buyer had complained that there was deficiency in service for the faulty engine, apart from alleging that further damage was caused due to negligent handling.

In its order, fair trade regulator CCI said that to make a case of dominance by an entity, the dominant enterprise has to be shown to have abused such position in the relevant market.

However, the complainant has not indicated any relevant market, it noted.

According to the order, CCI is of considered opinion that the grievances “essentially pertain to alleged deficiency in services and none of the abusive instances as alleged in the information comes within the purview of Section 4(2) of the Act”.

Section 4 of the Competition Act pertains to abuse of dominant position.

In the present case, it is not necessary to delineate the relevant market and assess the dominance of any of the opposite parties, CCI noted.

The complaint was also filed against an authorised dealer of Nissan Motor.