After failure to crush protest, Govt. adopts “Divide and Rule” policy against Kodandaram

After failure to crush protest, Govt. adopts “Divide and Rule” policy against Kodandaram

Hyderabad: After the declaration of protest rally of unemployed youths and the incidents which took place on the campus of Osmania University and other colleges, Govt. has prepared a strategy of “Divide and Rule”.

Authentic sources indicated that the way in which unemployment rally of the students organized by Prof. Kodandaram got popularity, worried the ruling circles. It was also supported by the leftist parties and its outfits. Although, Govt. did not permit to take out the rally and it foiled the attempts to take out the protest rally but the way the unemployed youths have expressed their wrath, worried the CM and the ruling party.

After returning from Tirupati, Mr. KCR held a meeting with his confidants and reviewed the situation. Govt. has prepared a strategy to counter the anti-Government programs of TJAC. At its first phase, rifts would be created from among the members of TJAC. The companions of Prof. Kodandaram will express their open opposition in order to tarnish the image of Prof. Kodandaram. It is learnt that party leaders and ministers have been instructed to contact the media and adopt an aggressive stand against Prof. Kodandaram.

Govt. had taken into confidence the electronic media to stop the news items of the rally. Under the pressure from the Govt., many TV channels did not exhibit the scenes of violence and the arrest of Prof. Kodandaram. These are the same TV channels which had exaggerated the protests of the students and police atrocities during Telangana agitation. CM and his colleagues are satisfied that the anti-Government campaign of Prof. Kodandaram did not get enough space in electronic media. It is reported that Govt. is in contact with opposition parties to refrain them from support Prof. Kodandaram. Govt. argues that Prof. Kodandaram has already indicated his intentions to form a new political party. It is therefore, the intentions of TJAC would not be allowed to fulfill. It is reported that there is a difference of opinion among the Congress leaders either to support or oppose Prof. Kodandaram’s campaign. This issue had come up during the recent visit of Mr. Digvijay Singh to Hyderabad but it was decided to support him from outside. Prof. Kodandaram himself does not want the political leaders to join this campaign. Due to this reason, many important political leadesrs did not bother to go to police station to meet Prof. Kodandaram.

The leaders of the ruling political party themselves are questioning why is TRS afraid of Prof. Kodadaram. Some of the TRS leaders on the condition of unanimity revealed that this situation has arisen due to the stubbornness of Mr. KCR. After the formation of Telangana State, CM did not meet Prof. Kodandaram. If he wanted he would have apprised TJAC leaders about the steps taken by the Govt. to fill up the vacant posts. In such a case, TJAC would have withdrawn the protest but CM decided not to give importance to the protest campaign of TJAC and made an attempt to crush it through using police force. The result of which came in the wrath of students.

–Siasat News