After failure in Bengaluru and Mumbai, the local party aims Delhi Civic Polls

Hyderabad: After meeting with defeat in Bihar, the local political party turned towards UP and now its next target is Delhi. In Mumbai and Bengaluru, this political party met with defeat and now it is getting ready to contest civic polls in New Delhi.

Although, it contested on 38 seats in UP, it could not get even a single seat but it cast its effect in the entire UP. As a result of which BJP won 312 seats and its allies got 13 seats. The videos of the speeches of this party were distributed in the entire UP. By creating fear psychosis of this party among the voters, Hindu vote bank was consolidated. It has become the talk of the town that this party is now concentrating on division of secular votes since this responsibility has been entrusted to it.

In the present situation, this echo is making rounds in the country that this “Vote Cutting Party” is damaging the Muslim cause.

According to the reports from Delhi, there are 272 seats in Delhi Municipal Corporation. This local party has decided to contest on 50 seats. Hindi newspapers are reporting that it is certain that division of secular votes would take place in Delhi also. It will benefit BJP directly. In BJP circles of Delhi, the slogan “UP mein Yogi, Delhi mein Modi” is making rounds. BJP had started a new campaign in which by creating fear of Dalits and Muslims, the voting of Hindus would be ensured.

It remains to be seen that if the candidates of this local party contest Delhi Civic Polls, who would benefit out of it. In Mumbai Municipal Corporation, it contested on 59 seats but it could get only 2 seats. In the same manner, it contested in Bengaluru but didn’t get any seat. However, it benefited directly BJP and caused sufficient damage to Congress and Janata Dal (U).

It may be mentioned that Delhi Police is under the control of Central Govt. It remains to be seen the how transparent manner it functions

–Siasat News