Fact check: Video of man pouring milk on the Kaaba

किसी यूवक ने मक्का मे दूध चढाया ओर बोला हमारे पूर्वज थे और ये पवित्र शिवलिंग है (Some youth poured milk at Mecca and said they were our ancestors and this is the holy shivling- translation).”

The above message accompanies a video clip, in which a young man can be seen with a bottle of liquid, standing close to the Kaaba and muttering something in Arabic, followed by a commotion. Kaaba is the building at the center of the Great Mosque of Makkah. The video and message have been shared on Twitter and Facebook.


The above tweet was posted on July 7 and has been retweeted over a thousand times so far. The video clip is 49 seconds long, and has been posted by several individual users on Facebook with a slightly altered claim that the young man seen in the video is an Iranian.


To fact-check this claim, Alt News searched Google with specific keywords, and found an article by Gulf News published in February 2017, pertaining to this very incident. This was verified by comparing the viral video with the video of the incident posted in the article, which has been taken from a different angle. According to Gulf News, the man was attempting to commit suicide by dousing himself in fuel before he was successfully apprehended.

YouTube video

Moreover, Alt News found that several social media users had posted videos related to this incident on YouTube in 2017.

It may be noted that the claim circulating on social media along with the video is false – the person in question is neither pouring milk over the Kaaba nor is he claiming that it is Shivling. He was trying to immolate himself.