Facebook’s messenger app includes live location sharing

Facebook in its various features to its messenger app included a live location sharing feature on Monday. It allows the users to share their location constantly for an hour.

According to Deccan Chronicle, the company observed people on messenger often talking or using the phrase “How far away are you?” said messenger app head, Stan Chudnovsky in an interview.

“It happens to be what people are saying, what they’re interested in the most,” he said.

This feature can also be live and can be observed by a friend for sixty minutes when shared by the user. Chudnovsky said, “that we’re working on the right things”

This feature is also available on Apple’s iPhone’s messages app. The feature has been already tested in Mexico and the company is working on saving the battery life of phones for using this feature.

This feature helps people be connected and to coordinate with friends to make sure the friend’s safety. Chudnovsky said. “There are all sorts of products that you can imagine you could build on top of that,” he said. The feature is available everywhere said the company.