Facebook now wants to know with whom you are living!

New Delhi: Facebook is no longer just a social networking site that lets you connect to people from across the world but has become more of a monitoring application that has also admitted leaking its users data and even their personal messages.

Moreover, the application is likely to implement a new tech that wants to know who you live with or even how your house is, Gadgests Now reports.

The new patent that was filed by the social media giant on May 10 last year on the United States Patent & Trademark Office’s website clearly states Facebook plans to get information on your household size and demographic composition based on the user’s profile photos, images posted by the person and the ones posted by others in the list as told by the Verge.

“An online system predicts household features of a user, e.g., household size and demographic composition, based on image data of the user, e.g., profile photos, photos posted by the user and photos posted by other users socially connected with the user, and textual data in the user’s profile that suggests relationships among individuals shown in the image data of the user. The online system applies one or more models trained using deep learning techniques to generate the predictions,” says FB’s abstract patent.

Okay, so the idea behind collecting all this data from a user is that it wants to target ads based on your family and how you live.

Well, the firm already knows who your family is but now with this ‘deep learning’ it will now determine who is living with you and if you are siblings or roommates.

The firm already knows who your family members are as we have been so dumb to reveal everything and anything who we are, where we go, what we ate and also the places and things we do or visit.

Although targeting ads is just one of the angles, Facebook is exploring, it also speculated that using this tech Facebook could do more than just that.

FB has already started making inroads in the particular direction with the launch of its smart home device called Portal.