Facebook now rolls out support for iOS’s Live Photos

Amsterdam : Facebook has announced an update for its mobile app for iOS will now fully support the Live Photos.

According to The Next Web, the iOS owners will be able to upload and see those Live Photos in Facebook’s mobile app.

Apple introduced Live Photos on its iPhone 6s and 6s Plus. It is an ability to create photos which can be brought to life just a few seconds of that scene in action by tapping on it.

The company has made the UI for uploading Photos identical to its current process. When it is done uploading, there will be a little ‘Live’ icon that needs to be toggled on which allows the feature to work. The users also have to tap the icon to make the photo come alive, with nearly two seconds of audio and video within the app.

The feature is available for any iPhone running iOS 9, but Live Photos can still only be uploaded if the users are a 6s or 6s Plus owner.(ANI)