Facebook internal documents in hand of UK Parliament

Facebook internal documents in hand of UK Parliament

London: In what could be perceived as another setback for Facebook, the British Parliament has obtained a set of internal documents that could malign the image of the social media giant.

The cache of documents is said to include correspondences between Facebook Chief Executive Officer Mark Zuckerberg and company executives, and information related to a lawsuit filed against the company, the CNN reported.

The documents were retrieved by Member of Parliament Damian Collins, the head of the British parliamentary committee that has been looking into Facebook.

To prevent any damage, Facebook approached the court in California to stop the disclosure of the information. The court ordered that no unredacted copies of the relevant sealed documents should be released until further notice from the court, and that “failure to comply will be considered an act of contempt.”

The CNN reported that the documents were originally obtained by a company, namely Six4Three, which is engaged in year-long battle with Facebook over the shutting of its controversial app, “Pinkini”.

Last week, Collin approached Ted Kramer owner of Six4Three with a demand to hand over the documents.

Lawyer of Six4Three, Stuart Gross confirmed to CNN that the British committee had obtained materials from the company that are under seal. However, it is not clear when the documents were obtained. Gross said that Six4Three had asked the committee to “refrain from reviewing them and to return them to counsel or to Facebook.