Facebook has a black people problem, says former employee

California [United States], November 28 (ANI): In yet another instance of Facebook ‘not doing enough’ to make its platform all inclusive, a former Facebook employee has claimed that the world’s biggest social networking platform has a problem when it comes to people of colour.

Ex-Facebook executive Mark Luckie left the company recently, however, before leaving, he wrote an email to his fellow employees which began with “Facebook has a black people problem”, Fast Company reported.

Luckie’s role at the company focused on outreach to minority groups using Facebook. Over his duration at the company, he discovered that Facebook moderators are quick to remove potentially offensive posts by minority users, but similar content when posted by white users continues to be up. This approach makes the minority group members less likely to come back to the network.

He further underlined that this approach is a reflection of what actually goes around at Facebook’s own campus. When black employees turn to HR for help, there complaints are often disregarded as a figment of their imagination. [source_without_link]ANI[/source_without_link]