Face veil ban suspended in Canada

Toronto: A Canadian judge on Friday suspended part of a Quebec law banning people from wearing full-face veils. According to foreign news agency, Canadian Court has suspended the ban till the clear guidelines are issued by the government. The civil liberties groups had argued that the law is unconstitutional and discriminates against Muslim women.

Judge Babak Barin suspended the portion of the act banning face coverings until the government enacts guidelines for how the law will be applied and how exemptions might be granted.

The government of the mainly French-speaking province of Quebec had passed the veil ban in October, affecting everyone from teachers and students to hospital employees, police officers, bus drivers and transit users.

Though while the law does not single out any religion by name, the niqab, a full-face veil is mostly worn by Muslim women. The National Council for Canadian Muslims welcomed the ruling “as a successful first step,” its executive director Ihsaan Gardee said.