With face masks on, Passing out parade held at MCEME Hyderabad

Hyderabad: As many as 24 gentleman cadets of Technical Entry Scheme-35 (TES-35) course have passed out through the portals of Cadet Training Wing (CTW), Military College of Electronics and Mechanical Engineering (MCEME) at Cariappa Drill Square, CTW in Bolarum on Saturday.

Notably, due to coronavirus outbreak, for the first time guardians of the cadets was not invited in order to avoid crowding.  

The young cadets were also seen donning face masks while marching forth as Techno Warriors, Military leaders and custodians of National honour and security as they join the folds of the Indian Army as commissioned officers.

Wearing a face mask, Lieutenant General TSA Narayanan, Commandant, MCEME, Chief Guest of the occasion have reviewed the Passing Out Parade.

The event marked the culmination of the cadets’ training and their foray into their journey as officers. It was the first time that Cadets from the Cadet Training Wing (CTW) were commissioned in CTW itself. Simultaneously there was Passing Out Parades in Indian Military Academy and two other Cadets Training wings.

Due to ongoing Government of India restrictions on travel and congregation due to COVID-19 Pandemic, parents, relatives and friends of the gentleman cadets were unable to attend the passing out ceremony this term.

However, a live broadcast of the ceremony on Youtube was arranged to witness the parade of the young officers as they affirm their oath to serve the motherland selflessly and swear to preserve its integrity and honour in every breath. All COVID-19 preventive measures were observed and adhered during the parade. (mohammedhussain.reporter@gmail.com)