F1’s new qualifying format to be reviewed

Johannesburg : FIA president Jean Todt has confirmed that new qualifying format for the Formula One will be reviewed.

He said he was optimistic about getting the unanimous agreement needed for the changes in the format.

The new qualifying format, which was proposed by the FIA in a bid to increase the amount of action, saw drivers getting eliminated one by one every minute-and-a-half rather than being dismissed at the end of each session in the season-opening Australian Grand Prix and in the Bahrain Grand Prix.

Todt insisted that it was necessary to give one more chance to this new format before reverting back to that of 2015, Sport24 reported.

The FIA chief also preferred option to sustain with the new format for the first two qualifying segments of the race, with a slight increase in the amount of time for elimination and then reverting back to old system for third segment in which the top grid spots are determined at the end of the session.(ANI)