Ezra Miller felt ecstatic while shooting ‘Justice League’

Washington: Ezra Miller, who is all set to be seen as ‘The Flash’ in the upcoming movie ‘Justice League’, revealed that he felt really ecstatic when he first entered the ‘Batmobile’.

The 25-year-old actor shared that he was really excited to be around some of the most iconic props, according to Contactmusic.

While giving an interview to SFX Magazine, Miller said, “You know what it feels like sitting in the Batmobile? It’s like an orgasm. It just ripples through your own body. Oh my God, I would just touch Jason’s trident all day. He’d be like, ‘Get off my trident!'”

“‘I’ll just touch Cyborg’s glowing eye. Just gently caress the glowing eye, you know? The lasso. I was always grabbing the lasso. All the Bat gadgets. Man, it’s awesome. F***ing awesome,” he added.

The ‘Perks of Being a Wallflower’ star also shared that he loves to read comics and takes great pleasure from reading the sketched stories.

“These days, I’m all about Gardner Fox [Justice League’s original Silver Age creator]. It’s who I think about all the time. I read comics. Comics are a blessing. Comics are a mythology, a mythological source, a mythological font with the potential to save us meek, horrifying humans from our terrible ways,” noted Miller.

Adding, “Comics have the potential for a little bit of salvation. So yes, I read comics. I enjoy them.”

Helmed Zack Snyder, ‘Justice League’ features Miller as The Flash/Barry Allen, who is also known as the fastest man alive.

The flick also stars Gal Gadot (Wonder Woman), Ben Affleck (Batman), Jason Momoa (Aquaman), Ray Fisher (Cyborg) and Henry Cavill (Superman).

The movie is slated to release on November 17. (ANI)