Eye witness to Vivek’s murder says, ‘Sir did not find it right to stop and was shot by the cops’

Lucknow: Eyewitness to Apple executive Vivek’s murder, Sana Khan in her statement said, “Sir did not find it proper to stop” and wanted to get away from the scene when the two policemen intercepted his vehicle in Lucknow late at Friday night before he was shot by one of the on-duty cops.

In her statement, she said the two cops wanted to just force Vivek out of the car. Recalling the events she said, “Woh aggression ke saath aye thhey, rokne ko bol rahey thhey, baahar aaney ko bol rahey thhey. Ek (constable) lathi window ke andar ghusane laga…jab yeh sab cheezen honay lagi toh Sir ko rukna theek nahi laga… (They came with aggression, parked their bike and asked us to stop and step out. One of them started pushing his cane inside the vehicle from my side of the window. Sir did not find it proper to stop when all this began taking place).”

She continued saying that Tiwari tried to move ahead and the bike fell down. “The policeman were standing on the other side. As Sir tried to move the vehicle again, the one who was riding the bike and had parked it shot at Sir. Sir drove for a few minutes and then the vehicle banged on the wall. He was bleeding profusely,” Sana recalls, adding that in that condition, Tiwari was no longer able to speak.

She also said she could not call for help since she had left her cell phone at home while Tiwari’s cellphone was locked.

“I got down — I cried, I shouted for help. Some trucks were parked on the roadside. I went to the drivers and asked them to make a call. But they said they did not have mobile phones. After about 15 minutes, a police vehicle arrived and called for an ambulance” she said.

Since he was already profusely bleeding she requested the Police to take Tiwari to a nearby hospital as the ambulance was taking time to arrive.

He was subsequently taken to Lohia hospital sana said, adding that she was then taken to the Police station from the hospital where a woman constable took her statement.

“I requested policemen to take me back home so that I could get cellphone and call my family. They brought me to my room but allowed me to call my mother only once I was taken back to the police station,” she said.

Meanwhile, Sana Khan’s mother who arrived on Saturday, said, “We will fight for justice but do not know what to do. My daughter has done her MBA and was working here but all this has changed everything…. I just want all this to stop.”

“There was a murder that night and I want people to focus on that. I just want my normal life back — I do not know if that would be possible now,” says sana who want to have a normal life after the chain of events she has been through.