Extramarital affair between two police officers caught by Husband

Hyderabad: Two police officers are caught in an extramarital affair in Hyderabad.

According to the news reported in Telangana Today, the Husband of senior officer with Anti-corruption bureau accused his wife of having an extramarital affair with the circle inspector and also said that they both were staying in the same flat owned by the husband and senior officer with ACB.

The husband of the senior officer said that his wife and the circle inspector were staying in the same flat for three days.

The Kukatpally Housing Board police also said that both the police officers were found in same flat on Sunday night.

Kukatpally Inspector, Kushalkar, said that “The husband found them after he went there along with his family members. Someone tipped him off that the two were together in the flat in Kukatpally.”

However, no case has been booked as the family did not lodge any complaint.