Extramarital affair with nephew results in murder: Wife, beau kill husband

Hyderabad: In yet another extramarital affair, a woman killed her husband with the help of her beau. This incident took place in the area which falls under the jurisdiction of Sanathnagar Police Station.

Mr. K. Chandrasekhara Reddy, SI of Police told that police started investigation when the dead body of a man was found near Borabanda Railway Station. The investigation was done from every angle.

On suspicion, the wife of the deceased, Sangeeta was taken into custody. During interrogation, Sangeeta confessed that she had murdered her husband, Shankar with the help of her beau, Vijay.

As per the details, the affair between the woman and her nephew started two years back when he attended her son’s birthday party.

When her husband, came to know of this affair, he admonished and warned her to refrain from such activities.

It is reported that the man used to quarrel with his wife quite often on this issue.

Vexed with this, the woman and her beau murdered her husband by dumping a heavy stone his head. This crime was committed on 1st February. Later they had dumped the body near the Borabanda Railway Station.

Police arrested both the accused.

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