External Ministry to take strict measures against ‘deserter-NRI Husbands’

New Delhi: “NRI husbands” who often become deserters leaving their legally wedded wives in distress will now have their properties confiscated in case the spouses refuse to answer the court summons.

The government is in talks to put an end to this misery where NRI husbands soon turn deserters leaving their wives in India and never returning back, TOI reported.

A group of ministers has shortlisted possible measures to bring changes in the law that would act as a deterrent to the Husbands and deliver justice to wives in distress.

The External Ministry plans to set up a website for putting up unanswered summonses for NRI husbands. Those who intend to evade legal process against them and are not responding to these summons staying outside India will be deemed to have served once the summons appears on this website.

The Ministry is also considering revocation of their Passports once the husbands are declared absconders.

Apart from these measures, compulsory NRI marriages registration within 48 hours of the wedding being solemnized is also another measure looked on by the Government.

Senior ministers like Sushma Swaraj, Rajnath Singh, Maneka Gandhi and Ravi Shankar Prasad felt the need to tighten the laws that would bring these NRI under accountability.

The discussions on the proposed measures will soon take the shape of a cabinet proposal. According to the officials, in order to bring the NRIs to accountability, there will be a need to amend the code of criminal procedure (CrPC), the marriage registration act and passport rules.