Expo 2020 Dubai: These robots will guide your way at the event

Abu Dhabi: As curtains go up in a few days in Dubai for the long-awaited Expo 2020, the mega-event. Visitors to the biggest event will be in for a surprise as they will be assisted by robots.

The world fair is expected to receive 25 million visits during its six-month period from October 1, and health safety is the biggest concern for visitors and participants.

To allay all concerns, the team at Expo 2020 revealed extensive COVID-19 preparedness and strict health and safety guidelines to ensure the event is among the safest.

A total of 150 robots will be deployed across the site to enhance visitor experience and to patrol the crowd and enforce rules.

Here’s a look at robots you may meet at the Expo 2020 Dubai

Mascot Opti

Mascot Opti—Created by AI service provider, Terminus Group, who will interact with thousands of guests. He is considered to be the guardian of the Opportunity District.

Mascot Opti Photo: Gulf News

Doctor Robot

Doctor robot is an American intervention, the US pavilion will showcase the latest technology in the form of surgical robotics.

Doctor Robot Photo: Gulf News

Patrol Robot

Patrol robots will protect and monitor the expo site. This robot will be on duty 24 hours a day to remind visitors of safe practices such as social distancing. It can also use voice recognition to answer your questions, conduct 24/7 monitoring, and provide emergency announcements.

Patrol Rabot Photo: Gulf News

Attendant Robot

Attendant robots will show you the way to your specific destination. The robot will be fully equipped with multimedia interaction including voice interaction with natural language processing, face detection, facial recognition and a multi-touch graphical user interface (GUI). They have the ability to display images, text, audio and video to visitors to access and receive the necessary information.

Attendant Robot Photo: Gulf News

Delivery Robot

The delivery robots will be dispatched to carry goods and other kinds of materials around the site.

Delivery Robot Photo: Gulf News

Vending trolley

Vending trolley is a kind of delivery robot and can be converted to perform different roles at the Expo 2020. They can be fitted with racks to carry visitor guides, reading materials or maps. Apart from that, they can also carry a poster frame, baskets, and catering trays

Vending Trolley Photo: Gulf News

Barista Yanu

Barista Yanu will serve coffee for the visitors and knows how to prepare it.

Barista Yanu Photo: Gulf News

On September 21, Expo 2020 Dubai released its official song titled ‘This is our Time’ which is sung by Emirati singers Hussain Al Jasmi and Almas, and Lebanese American singer Maysa Qaraa.

The song celebrates the UAE’s culture, future and brings together nations from around the world, while conveying the story of Expo’s overarching theme of ‘Connecting Minds, Creating the Future’ through the universal language of music.