Explore the many theme parks of Japan

New Delhi [India]: Japan, the land of the rising Sun is known for its rich heritage, cultural history and beautiful landscapes but did you know that Japan also hosts a large number of Theme Parks as well?
Yes, one would be delighted to know that this place has not only a couple but several Theme Parks one can visit with their family, friends and children.

Here are the top six Theme Parks one can take pleasure in the most when travelling with kids

1) Fuji-Q Highland

Located at the foot of Mt. Fuji, Fuji-Q Highland hosts a large number of world-class thrilling rides. Every five years they build a large-sized roller to make a new Guinness World Record. The park is popular for having many intense thrilling rides including the three major rollercoasters; “Fujiyama,” “Dodonpa” and “Eejanaika.”

Out of these, “Eejanaika” holds the Guinness World Record for the record of 14 inverted spins and drops from heights of 76 meters. It is the only four-dimensional rollercoaster in the world featuring forward and backward spinning seats that hang from the track. So why wait, get packing to experience an adrenaline rush of a lifetime, for these are just a few of the many rides this world-famous theme park has to offer.

2) Universal Studios

Even if you are not a Hollywood movies’ fan, you must visit this movie theme park in Osaka at least once.

From thrilling rides and shows themed on blockbuster Hollywood movies to seasonal events, this is sure to leave guests of all ages enthralled. Don’t miss an encounter with popular characters including “Hello Kitty” born in Japan and Snoopy.

3) Tokyo Joypolis

Located in Odaiba, Tokyo, this is one of the largest Indoor Theme Parks in Japan. Since it is located indoors, you can comfortably enjoy yourself all year-round without being affected by the weather! There are over 20 attractions that people of all ages from children to adults can enjoy.

There are rides that are sure to make you scream, like the Gekion Live Coaster which is the world’s first “concert-coaster” that’s part music game and part rollercoaster, or HALFPIPE TOKYO which is an extreme next-generation attraction where players must spin to compete for the high score!

4) Space World

Imagine a place where you can literally get lost in space. Yes, this is it – a theme park all about space. Merely looking up at the life-size replica of a space shuttle that towers over its surroundings is enough to make the heart beat faster. There are more than 30 attractions that will entertain and educate children and adults alike. Each one has its own appeal, giving visitors a taste of the romance of endless space and the yearning to explore it.

5) Tokyo Disneyland Park/Disney Sea Park

Mickey Mouse and all the gang are waiting for you at this Disney resort located just 15 minutes from central Tokyo. Not only can you enjoy the classic Disney attractions of Tokyo Disneyland, but you can also experience the unique attractions and entertainment of Tokyo Disney Sea. You will also find world-class accommodations including three Disney Hotels, fabulous shopping, delectable dining and colorful entertainment! With seasonal events, new shows and attractions, and more, there’s always something new to discover and enjoy at Tokyo Disney Resort!

6) Tokyo Disney Sea Where Adventure and Imagination Set Sail

Tokyo Disney Sea is the only Disney park in the world themed to the myths and legends of the sea. Exciting attractions, spectacular live entertainment, a wide variety of shops and taste-tempting restaurants await you in seven themed ports of call designed with that unique Disney touch. (ANI)