Experts for solutions to check rising air pollution in Bengaluru

Bengaluru: Alarmed over rising air pollution in south Indian cities, especially in Bengaluru, environment experts have called for greater awareness and solutions to check the menace, particularly indoors.

“There is a need to create awareness and find solutions to ensure air quality, especially indoors, is free from toxic elements for a healthy life for all,” said Indian Pollution Control Association Deputy Director Radha Goyal in a statement here on Saturday.

Experts from diverse fields who discussed Bengaluru’s toxic air at a conference on “Air Quality – Air-O-Thon here on Friday, said clean and healthy air was critical to reduce the hazardous impact of polluted air.

It is not only outdoors, but also indoors where the quality of air has to be pure and fresh to prevent ill-effects of pollutants, they said.

“Besides metros, even cities and towns across the country are getting choked with high levels of air pollutants outdoors and indoors, especially with the particulate matter. All stakeholders have to be involved in tackling the menace on a war-footing,” said Goyal on the occasion.

Organsied by Prospur Events & Promotions Ltd and the Indian Pollution Control Association, the conference called for polices with regulations and measures for greater compliance by the stakeholders.

“Indoor air quality has to be monitored and regulated to make the air breathable, We need a stakeholder-driven policy with the industry participation for fresh air,” said another expert.

Asian Paints Vice-President for Research and Technology Raja Krishnamurthy said better living environment with innovation was at the heart of the company’s offerings.

“Indoor air pollution is a health hazard few people talk about, believing that pollution is restricted to the outdoors. we intend to build awareness about the paint as a solution to combat a key indoor air pollutant – formaldehyde and its unsafe effects on our health,” said Krishnamurthy.

Vprospurs Chairman Pradeep Maithani said poor air quality in the cities is a major challenge for the country.