Expedite Metro Rail Corridor-II works: HMRL MD

Hyderabad: “Expedite Metro Rail Corridor-II works”, HMRL MD NVS Reddy advised L&TMRHL engineers while inspecting Corridor-II works from Jubilee Bus Station (JBS) to Putlibowli today along with L&TMRHL MD Shivanand Nimbargi, Project Director MP Naidu and L&T Construction head C. Shankaralingam.

NVS Reddy asked the HMRL to immediately lay a bypass road at Sweekar-Upakar junction in Secunderabad Cantonment area for taking up the remaining pillars at the junction. JBS-Parade Grounds triangle shall be developed into a “multi modal transportation–cum–activities” hub with skywalk connectivity between Parade Grounds interchange station, JBS and the parking/commercial complexes being developed by L&TMRHL and HMRL. The station shall be designed with additional features in such a way that it becomes a thriving “Eastern Gateway” for North Telangana districts as visualized by Chief Minister K. Chandrasekhar Rao.

Encroachments abutting TSRTC compound wall near Siddhi Vinayaka temple at Parade Ground shall be removed by HMRL town planning officers for taking up the entry/exit works of the interchange station. Similarly, the compound walls of different obstructing structures shall be dismantled and reconstructed by L&TMRHL after the foundation works are over for the remaining entry/exit works.

Secunderabad West Metro station of corridor III on old Gandhi hospital premises shall be developed as a major inter modal transportation hub with skywalk landing on the western end of Secunderabad railway station, which will give access to all its platforms, in consultation with railway authorities. HMRL will develop the inter-model transportation hub in PPP mode as a separate concession.

“L&TMRHL shall speed up the central viaduct works in Parade Grounds area and reduce the barrication before taking up entry/exit works for facilitating smooth flow of traffic. Corridor-II Metro viaduct perpendicularly crossing at about 60 feet height over Corridor-III viaduct and the parallel Harihara Kalabhavan flyover at Secunderabad YMCA junction shall be planned with utmost safety precautions in view of the heavy traffic flows at this junction.

HMRL MD sanctioned shifting of electrical cables abutting new Gandhi hospital compound wall for taking up entry/exit foundation works of Gandhi hospital station at a cost of Rs 3.5 lakh. L&TMRHL shall complete all foundations of entry/exits along the Old Age Home and New Gandhi hospital compound wall before the end of this month and storm water drains shall be laid before the onset of monsoon since this is a low lying water stagnation area.

L&TMRHL has to prepare a Traffic Management plan taking up four critical foundations and pillar works in front of the temples near Musheerabad X roads as traffic movement will be severely affected on this road once the Metro works are taken up on this narrow taken up. L&TMRHL shall immediately start Metro foundation and pillar works from Musheerabad to RTC X cross roads where about 80 pillars are yet to be constructed and road is already widened. Damaged road portions shall be repaired and pot holes to be filled by L&TMRHL and HMRL engineers before the onset of monsoon. L&TMRHL shall clear construction debris that is lying at different locations immediately. (NSS)