Exoneration of Mohammed Pahelwan could not be digested: Two GOs released to appeal in HC

Hyderabad: Govt. permitted the police to appeal in High Court against the judgment pronounced by VII Addl. Metropolitan Sessions Judge, Hyderabad on 29th June in which 10 accused including Mohammed Pahelwan were exonerated and four others were sentenced 10 years imprisonment.

Law Dept. of Govt. of Telangana issued two GOs. In GO no. 440, Govt. pleader has been instructed to file an appeal in the High Court against the exoneration of Mohammed bin Omer Yafai alias Mohammed Pahelwan and 10 accused who were exonerated by the judge.

In GO no. 441, approval has been given for changing 10 years imprisonment to life sentence.

It may be mentioned that all the accused after they were implicated in the attack case, were kept in Cherlapally Jail.

After undergoing the hardships of imprisonment for 6 years, they came out of the jail as they were proved innocent. This could not be digested to the other party. An attempt is being made to entangle this baseless case into legal complications. The party which was perturbed against the judgment started venting out its wrath through public meetings. It also started the tactics of blackmailing the Govt. In order to support the stand of the ally of TRS, the Govt. issued two GOs within 24 hours.

It is reported that two appeals would be filed in High Court. The first appeal would be against Mohammed Pahelwan and his family members. In this case, all the witnesses were proved false in the court. Treating this as an extraordinary case, Govt. had appointed Special Public Prosecutor, Mr. Umamaheshwara Rao, Senior Advocate instead of the routine Govt. pleader but all these efforts proved futile when Sessions Judge, Dr. T. Srinivas Rao pronounced historic judgment in favour of Mohammed Pahelwan.

–Siasat News