Executive orders on Obamacare, ISIS, immigration on Trump’s inaugural

Washington: Donald Trump is likely to sign executive orders on issues related to Obamacare, ISIS and immigration on his day one at the Oval Office of the White House, hours after his inauguration tomorrow, his spokesman said today.

These were some of the “key election campaign issues” for the President-elect, who took political pundits by surprise by first defeating as many as 17 candidates to win the Republican primary and then winning the November 8 general elections against his formidable Democratic opponent Hillary Clinton, all in a matter of 18 months after joining politics.

The Republican billionaire, who arrived in the US Capital abroad a military plane today, was still discussing with his team about the official businesses on his first day at the Oval Office.

“The President-elect is continuing to get briefed on some of the orders that he wants to do in the sequencing thereof. I think we’ve talked about that for a few months now. Obamacare, the fight against ISIS. He talked about immigration, key issues that have been important to him throughout the campaign that will continue to be important to him in this administration,” the incoming White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer told reporters at a news conference.

“He is committed to not just day one, but day two, day three, of enacting an agenda of real change. And I think that you’re gonna see that in the days and weeks to come. What he’s trying to do, is ensure a proper sequencing,” he said.

“Staff is continuing to meet with him about that. You’ll see some activity on both tomorrow, over the weekend and then Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday. So it’s gonna be a robust, not just day one, but I think first week, first month and probably first term,” Spicer said in response to a question.

Spicer said President-elect Trump continues to be humbled by the people who serve this nation and the work that they do so many times, without the proper recognition for the sacrifices that they make, in terms of time.

“I think the enthusiasm to serve in government and be part of this administration, has gotten greater by the day,” he added.