Ex-Minister alleges fake voting by burqa-clad women

Muzaffarnagar: Former Union Minister Sanjiv Baliyan, the BJP candidate here, on Thursday alleged that fake voting was taking place in his constituency since the “faces of burqa clad voters” were not being verified by election officials.

“Faces of women in burqa are not being checked and I allege that fake voting is taking place,” he told reporters here.

He also said that he will demand a re-poll if his concerns were not addressed.

Additional Chief Election Officer B.R. Tiwari said that if a woman was in a veil, there were women officials who identify them and only then they are allowed to cast their vote.

The former Minister is seeking re-election from the constituency and is being challenged by Rashtriya Lok Dal chief Ajit Singh in Muzaffarnagar.

Ajit Singh countered that everything was going on smoothly. “Baliyan is used to speaking nonsense.”

Muzaffarnagar, one of the most communally sensitive constituencies in Uttar Pradesh, gained notoriety in the aftermath of the communal riots in 2013.

Muslims constitute the single biggest electorate in the constituency. The Dalit community has the second biggest chunk of voters. Jats, who dominate the landscape of western Uttar Pradesh, are also influential in the constituency.