Ex-member exposed RSS: “I was used to trigger violence during Ramadan, burn church”

Thiruvananthapuram: A former RSS worker made a startling revelation against the Sangh Parivar for targeting churches and creating ruckus during Ramazan to give it a communal angle.

In a report published by News Minute, S. Vishnu, 25, an RSS worker at Karakulam Panchayat alleged that RSS activists have been torturing him after accusing him of being a CPI (M) agent.

Visiting the RSS Shaka since the age of seven, the youngster from Thiruvananthapuram alleges that the Hindu hardliners (RSS workers) held him captive for about 38 days at different places in Kollam and Thiruvananthapuram districts.

They also pressurize him to write a suicide letter blaming CPI (M) Kannur district secretary P Jayarajan for his death.
“I was shocked and sad that 18 years I worked for Sangh and now they are trying to kill me,” he says.

“They asked me to write a suicide note saying that P Jayarajan was responsible for my death as he was torturing me. I begged them not to kill me. But they said they would abandon me in the middle of the sea,” he alleges.

Tortured for 86 hours without food and no sleep, Vishnu admitted at the Thiruvananthapuram General Hospital, said,

“I questioned the RSS when their activities turned illegal. Last year, to create communal violence, they had pelted stones at a Pentecost church. I was an accused in the case; I did that because they asked me to do so. I am also an accused in blocking a vehicle that brought buffaloes to be used during Ramzan. Though I did all this at their behest, I later questioned all this and they were not happy about me since then,” he alleged.

Vishnu said that some young members including him had quit the RSS organisation and since then receiving threats.

“Since then, we were receiving threats. It was then that RSS member Kannan, an accused in the murder of CPI (M) member Kannur Dhanraj, came to Thirivananthapuram. He had been trying to create problems in the area by destroying the BJP flags and putting the blame on CPI (M). We had questioned that. We also informed police about his activities,” he alleged.

After that incident, the Hindu hardliner group plotted against him and striving hard to exterminate him, alleged Vishnu.

“Many leaders including BJP leader Saju assaulted me. Later, they took me to Neyyantinkara. There, some other leaders questioned me asking how I am related to P Jayarajan. To prepare a magazine, I had met many prominent political leaders including P Jayarajan and many other Muslim League and BJP leaders. But I had no other contacts with him,” Vishnu told The News Minute.

On January 22, Vishnu got an opportunity to escape from their clutches when all RSS workers went to visit Amritanandamayi near Vallikkavu.

“I knew that they would kill me. They were telling me that I would be handed over to RSS workers in Kannur. So, when I got a chance, I escaped.”