Ex-Karnataka top cop says Nirbhaya’s mother has “very very nice physique”

Bengaluru: Due to the utter ignorance for achievements of women on International Women’s Day, Ex-Karnataka top-cop HT Sangliana passed a misogynistic comment on Nirbhaya’s mother, Asha Devi, saying she has a “very very nice physique”. Sangliana was speaking at a function, ‘Nirbhaya Awards’, instead of saying positive things towards women, landed himself in controversy.

Devi along with her husband Badrinath Singh were present to give awards to 17 women achievers. Soon after taking the stage, the top-cop said, “When I look at her, her physique is very very nice, and how beautiful Nirbhaya could have been if her mother is so well-made by God.” His remark came just after Devi had spoken on women safety, reported Times of India. To make things even worse, Sangliana proceeded saying: “people like Nirbhaya, who attracted the attention of miscreants”.

Disheartened Devi was quoted by ANI as saying “It would have been better if he had spoken about our struggle than making a personal remark. It shows that people’s mentalities in our society have not changed,” she said on Sangliana’s remarks.

The News Minute quoted an independent journalist, Pushpa Achanta, as saying “Someone politely came and whispered in his ear. Even then, he did not stop talking. After one point, it was so ridiculous, students in the audience started laughing. If you’re being assaulted, scratch his face, he said. He also said if you’re not able to do anything, take it and then go file a complaint later. This came from a career police officer, a former commissioner of Bengaluru police who has been in service for 35 years in DGP rank. We know exactly how police entertain complaints of sexual harassment and rape and how they don’t take complaints to keep the numbers low.”

Sangliana on the other hand, defended himself saying: “I consider my statement to be totally within the limit and I feel people are making an issue out of a non-issue. I said it in order to emphasise the importance of protection & security to women, they should be given protection at all times.”