Why ex-cricketers would join BCCI if there’s ‘cooling-off period’: Ravi Shastri

Kanpur (Uttar Pradesh) [India]: Former Indian Team director Ravi Shastri on Friday voiced his concerns over the Lodha Panel’s recommendations on ‘cooling off period’, stating that it would prove difficult for ex-cricketers to join the BCCI.

His concern pertains to the committee’s recommendations that there should be three elected members instead of five and they should serve not more than a three-year term across positions, and also there should be a motion to have a “cooling-off period” between terms to prevent an official from holding high-rank BCCI office for several years at a stretch.

During an interaction with former cricketer Sanjay Manjerekar in Kanpur, where India is playing its 500th test match with New Zealand, Shastri said in populated country like India an administrator should get at least a six-year term and the committee must have five selectors instead of three.

“Why I would join the BCCI if there’s a cooling-off period. If I have an idea, which is constructive and in three years you are telling me to leave, then how can I achieve anything in those three years,” Shastri said.

“India has a population of 1.2 billion, how can three people manage to select. So, I think five is still in order,” he added.

He, however, conceded that a constructive dialogue must take place between the committee and the BCCI to reach an amicable solution.

“I think a dialogue must continue, and genuine efforts should be made by both the parties,” Shastri said.

Shastri observations came two days after the BCCI while defying the panel recommendations appointed MSK Prasad as the chairman of the senior selection committee, and Sarandeep Singh, Jatin Paranjpe, Devang Gandhi and Gagan Khoda as its members.

Justice R.M. Lodha-led committee, however, recommended that the senior selection committee can only have three members, and they must be former Test players. (ANI)