Ex-bureaucrat Sharma wants people to fight against CAA-NRC

Suresh Sharma, former Joint Director Jawaharlal Nehru Leadership Institute, in this video, explains how the BJP government brought CAA after its political agenda of dividing Hindus and Muslims by carrying out NRC in Assam was defeated.


Sharma also explains how Amit Shah claims that the population of Hindus in Pakistan has reduced to 3 pc from that of 22 pc after partition, is wrong.

He claims the infiltrators from Bangladesh didn’t come to India because of religious persecution but in search for better living.

Highlighting the problems people will be facing due to nationwide NRC, Mr Sharma says crores of poor, Adivasis, flood-hit people and those who have not made any document will find it difficult to prove their citizenship.

Keeping in view the difficulties faced by the poor and generations to come educated citizens of India are staging protests against CAA and NRC, he says.

Mr Sharma urges enlightened citizens to fight against the CAA and NRC.

It is generally believed that Brahmins are not taking part in anti-CAA-NRC protests as they are not affected by the laws, but Mr Sharma says though he is a Brahmin he opposes the bill that divides citizens on the basis of religion because humanity is above all.