Everybody is trying to do louder stunts: Sunny Deol

Mumbai: Actor Sunny Deol feels that action in films nowadays is becoming very “louder” and unbelievable, and hence he got stunt coordinator Dan Bradley on board for his directorial film “Ghayal – Once Again”.

“Definitely, action is very important and today I see people who’re doing the kind of action which I’ve done several times before. You hit one and ten persons go flying around. They even move with the finger’s signal. That has become a lot now.”

“Perhaps I was the one who started it by mistake and I need to stop it now,” said Sunny at the trailer launch of “Ghayal – Once Again”.

In the trailer, Sunny is seen doing a lot of running around, hanging from a train and delivering his trademark punches. But no gravity-defying stunts are seen and Bradley needs to be thanked for that, says Sunny.

“All the action coordinators that we have are all good, but they have lost the sense of the kind of action that we really want to do. Everybody is trying to be louder and louder.”

“So I hunted around and I liked Dan Bradley on the basis of the films he had done. It was a great pleasure to be working with him because he’s genuinely a creative person. In this film because of him and because of our concept together, we’ve been able to bring out reality as much as possible,” he said.

Bradley has worked on numerous popular films such as “Spiderman” series, “Superman Returns”, ”Quantum of Solace” and “Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol” among others.