Every Men wants to be a ‘Gentlemen’

One of the things in our nature is the wish to always look our best, no matter how old we are. Every Men wants to be a ‘Gentlemen’. Because of this, the fast pace of life and the stress we encounter on a daily basis, it’s only logical that men have started paying more and more attention to their physical appearance.

You don’t have to be a “metrosexual” in order to care for your face, hair or body – everyone should do it. So, ask someone how old you look like. If the number you get on this test is bigger than how old you actually are, then it’s time for some action.

Tips to How Man make fresher and younger:

1. Start A Healthy Diet With Water, Fruits And Vegetables:

One of the most underrated things, when skincare is concerned, is water. You should always drink a lot of water daily in order to keep your skin fresh and slow down the aging process. Wrinkles appear due to dehydration, and your skin looks much drier, thus appearing it to look older than it actually is.

Drinking water helps keep your skin flexible and it rejuvenates the skin cells. The same goes for fruit and vegetables. According to many studies, if you eat a lot of greens, your skin will have the regular, natural tone it should have. Moreover, the intake of fruit and vegetables increases microcirculation and skin hydration.

2. By Using Anti-Aging Supplements And Treatments:

As previously mentioned, it is very important that you use supplements that are intended for the male population. There are many moisturizers, creams and exfoliators that could be excellent for you – try out the amazing popular brands such as Zirh, Jack Black, or the drugstore Dove Men+Care if you’re on a budget; if not, then the recommendation would be Shiseido Men or Kiehl’s.

Another good idea would be to occasionally go for a facial or anti-aging treatment. And even though it’s not completely natural, going for an anti-wrinkle injection or another cosmetic surgery wouldn’t be a bad idea.

For example, if you want a good double chin surgery, there are many trustworthy clinics you can choose from.

3. Check If Your Skin Care Is On Point:

If you take the previous tip into account, and if you also cut down on caffeine and cigarettes, appropriate skin care is the logical next step.

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Since men have thicker skin than women, as well as more facial hair, it’s quite important to have a cleanser, moisturizer, and cream that’s appropriate for your face type. Wash your face with lukewarm water and a cleanser a couple of times during the day – preferably in the morning and the evening, and after that, apply the moisturizer or cream.

If you use products with glycolic acid, even better, since they will help you remove dead cells from your face and brighten your skin up.

4. Mind Your Hairs:

At the end of the day, age is nothing but appearance. Firstly, make sure your hairdo is neat and freshly cut. Secondly, you should pay close attention to your eyebrows – even you hadn’t done it before, if you see that your eyebrows are going crazy over there, trim them.

You can always ask your hairstylist to take an extra minute and do this for you. Moreover, trim your unwanted body hair – make sure you don’t have a hairy back or neck and that your chest hair does not fall out from your T-shirt.

Finally, have a well-kept neckline for your beard – you don’t want to have messy one in this beard-competitive age!

Nobody wants to be old. And it’s not difficult to look five years younger if you know what to pay attention to. Remember – proper diet and regular skin care are the two keys to always looking fresh. Follow this, have healthy sleeping habits and age will be nothing but a number.