Ever heard of tech savy parenting? Find out here!

New Delhi [India]: When every issue these days can be resolved with the help of your mobile phone, why can’t parenting be too?

Tackling parenthood in today’s world is often a demanding endeavour. With the rise of the nuclear family, many a times with both husband and wife holding steady jobs, raising a child has some difficulties.

As a result many parents seek advice within the realms of technology to assist with raising their little ones. In this modern era, with an app for everything, from the number of steps you take to booking a cab, people still consider calling their own parents for simple issues relating to their kids. Here’s where Babygogo steps in.

Babygogo, has been modeled to ease a new mom into the world of parenting. This app serves as a platform for parents to post their queries regarding any concern they may face while taking care of their little one.

Since every question can be posted anonymously, every concern eventually receives equal attention. Multiple features within the app allow parents to check if such questions have been asked before. After posting a question, parents also view similar questions and posts relating to their inquiry.

In addition to this, the team at Babygogo is always working on new content for its users, pertaining to trending questions within the app. Moms can even share their parenting stories, which ultimately assist and often inspire several moms within the community. Favorite articles and posts can always be saved and viewed at a later time.

Parents also have several features within the app to assist them with keeping a track of their baby’s health progress. There are height and weight charts for parents to get an idea of how their baby is growing as per their age.

Babygogo also has vaccination charts, along with reminders for when the next dose of a certain vaccination ought to be taken. Parents can also upload documents, which include any charts or test results pertaining to paediatrician visits they might have attended.

Recently, the team at Babygogo released a chat option within the app. This being a very prevalent necessity among communities these days, enabling such a feature increases the interaction between members on the app.

While observing the questions in the newsfeed, parents can often notice which mom is more adept to answering a concern they might have. This way, a distressed mom can reach out to such a parent and ask a tailored question as she knows will receive the required response.

Unlike several parenting apps, Babygogo also hosts several doctors in different fields of Medicine, who assist with maternal and child health care. The app often conducts live sessions with such doctors, so that parents who might have lingering concerns can get these addressed during such sessions. In addition to this, there are doctors who answer medical queries daily, and at all times of the day within the app.

Active users are able to give their reviews and feedback to the team, and can be rest assured that their concerns will receive the required attention. The app is always evolving to make Babygogo the one stop for all parenting requirements.

Babygogo today, is a community of over 110,000 parents. Fostering such relationships within the community is done through several avenues within the app. (ANI)