Even Modi couldn’t predict BJP’s massive win in 2014: Rajnath

Mumbai: Narendra Modi, who led the BJP to a clear-cut majority in the 2014 Lok Sabha elections, could not predict during the campaign that the victory would be so huge, Home Minister Rajnath Singh said here today.

He was speaking to reporters about the NDA government’s completion of three years in office.

“I was the party president then and Narendra Modi was the chief campaigner. During the campaign we often discussed people’s response. There was a common assumption that the BJP would do fairly well and we would come to power with help from other parties.

“After the last phase of campaign, I asked Narendra bhai about his estimate (of BJP’s chances). But he said can’t say anything (bataya nahee jaa sakata). This was the situation,” Singh said.

“This was the mindset even in our earlier generations. The founding fathers never dreamt that the BJP would one day become the world’s largest political organisation and win such a strong mandate,” he said.

“Today the BJP has some 11 crore members, which is more than the population of some countries,” he added.

People in the country proved Congress leaders, who used to say that only the Congress can run a government, wrong, the Union minister said.