Even law & order could not save Affairs Minister Sushma from abusive trolls

With increasing hatred developed slowly among communities over the past few years with radical outfits manipulating the younger generations as well as older generations, even External Affairs Minister and BJP’s senior politician was not spared by online trolls, bigotries who took a sharp jab on her for her assistance and help she provided to the UP Inter-faith couple.

So this how it has come to, a senior party leader of the ruling party has become powerless in front of these hate mongers and no law and order could come to her help, to save the lady minister from these hate mongers.

The irony of India is aggressive, hatred filled speakers are glorified, praised today while some politicians, public speakers become powerless against these abusive hate bigotries.

Opposition politicians and ‘liberals’ are attacked, but for the very first time a senior ruling party politician has been put through horrendous public humiliation by her own party.

Open loud rudeness is now seen as an effective strategy for manipulation of the common man- the reality of India, where a soft-hearted person is walked upon while the rude boastful speakers, party leaders are applauded.

Today abusive rude bold hate mongers in India are not outsiders but come from within the nation, who have formed a strategy to ‘split and break’ the communal harmony among different communities.

Murder, rape threats have also become a common norm in India with no law and order to take stringent action against such crimes. Living in a nation where human-life can be crushed and put to death in seconds has also become common now where extremists seem to be ruling over the nation.

There was a time in the past when people feared the ‘Naxalites’, but now the time has come when these extremists, hate mongers people have become more dangerous than any of those Naxalites who used lethal weapons to kill. Where exactly is this hatred heading to? India and Pakistan’s partition seems did not to satiate the thirst of these extremists who want and demand more blood of the nation.

This hate-filled bigotry is slowly gaining power over democracy in India and has become so supremely acceptable today, that bold, loud communal assaults are passed on as free speeches.

-Siasat Web Team