Even chaiwalas must have helped you become doctors: Modi

Prime Minister Narendra Modi today used his wit and humour to strike a chord with young doctors by telling them that what they have achieved in life was because of little contributions from everyone in society including a ‘chaiwala’ (tea-seller).

Addressing the 34th Convocation of the Post-Graduate Institute of Medical Education and Research (PGIMER) here, Modi used his ‘chaiwala’ background to drive home his message to the young doctors.

“We (doctors) also have to understand how we became a doctor, we had sharp brain, got good marks in entrance examination and got good coaching, that is why we became doctor… If this is what we think, then may be our thinking is incomplete..,” he said.

Modi then went on to tell the students that “a ward boy must have also played a role in making you a doctor”. In making you a doctor, the tea seller, who served you tea late at night, also had a role, he told the students.

“During examination time, you (doctors) must have woken up a chaiwala (tea seller), selling his tea under a tree, in the dead of a cold night and told him to please prepare some strong tea. He must have told you that it is cold and pleaded to allow him to sleep, but you must have persisted and told him that tomorrow you have to appear in an examination.

“That poor man must have got up and made tea for you and with that you must have studied two hours extra that night and next day when you must have appeared in your examination and got some marks, ‘kya us chaiwale ka koyee contribution nahein hain’ (don’t you think there is contribution from that tea seller in you becoming a doctor,” the Prime Minister said.

“Therefore, what we become in life is not just because of us alone, but because of small contributions from everyone in this society, everyone has played some role.

“This means we have become doctors not because of government, but because of society and to repay this debt is our responsibility,” the Prime Minister told the students.