Evaluating Afrazul Islam’s killing in the backdrop of mob lynching

Afrazul Islam’s killing in the city of Rajasthan shows what happens when hate is spread with a planned conspiracy. Although Shambhulal has been arrested but his support is rising. An advocate offered Rs. 50000 to Shambhulal’s family. Not only this, around 3 lakh rupees were collected from across the country to help his family. Rallies were announced in support of Shambhulal. There are many others who are seeing Shambhulal as a hero.

Shambhulal a marble trader had become bankrupt due to demonetization. He spent most of his time watching hate videos on WhatsApp. Those videos filled his mind with deep hatred against Muslims.

Mob lynching cases are fast rising during the past three and a half years. The hate propaganda dates back to British period when divide and rule policy was played by propagating temple demolition and conversion.

Earlier it was propagated that Muslims insist on personal law, they are illiterate, they have big families. Now apart from old assumptions cow slaughter, love jihad, ghar vapsi issues are associated. The hate mongers have developed the feeling that it is ‘their’ government hence no harm could be done to them. The likes of Shambhulal get emboldened by the Prime Minister’s silence and their followers on twitter.